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North Central Area School installed their original chip burning boiler system in 1982. At the time, they were saving $17,000 a year burning wood chips rather than natural gas. Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc. would like to congratulate the North Central Area School for their recent construction of a new boiler building and state of the art 2.5 million BTU Messersmith  biomass boiler system. The system has storage for more than one truckload of fuel, a built in fire prevention system, an automated fuel delivery system, and a highly advanced control panel with the capability to store data on the systems operation and performance. The new layout will burn chips at more than 80% efficiency, and save the school even more money. The average price of a ton of wood chips is $45 delivered, and each ton of wood chips replaces 76 therms of natural gas, 61 gallons of fuel oil or roughly 83 gallons of propane. With fuel oil and propane over  $2 a gallon it would take at least $120 to replace one ton of wood chips, chip heating is 1/2 of the price.  The chips burned in this system are coming from local Upper Peninsula vendors and being trucked by local drivers. North Central Area School Is investing their heating dollars back into their community.
Biomass Fuel Storage Biomass Combustion Biomass Boiler

The North Central Junior and Senior High Schools are located in Spalding, MI. and serve the northern Menominee County communities of Powers, Spalding and Hermansville. There are 178 students attending grades 7th to 12th. The boiler will help to keep the students warm as they learn from the Michigan Merit Curriculum, and as they take part in the vast array of North Central's extracurricular activities.

The lead boiler operator, Brett Harter said,"The new system is running great. I barely have to check on it. I enjoy stopping by to watch it run."

The biomass boiler system was started up on November 14, 2014 and has been keeping the school warm ever since. A special thanks to Integrated Designs Inc. of Marquette, MI and Cross General Contracting, Inc. of Munising, MI for their roles in completing the project. Congratulations North Central and have fun staying warm in the environmentally conscious and cost effective way.
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