Itasca Community College

Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Your New Messersmith Biomass Boiler System Is In Operation

Itasca Community College was founded in 1922 as a two year public college. They serve 1200 students with 40 fulltime faculty. Some areas of curriculum focus are Natural Resources, Pulp and Paper, Engineering and Power Generation.
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The use of forest residue as a heating fuel has great potential to provide a renewable, clean source of energy while investing in local rural economies.

Itasca Community College wanted to use a sustainable source of energy for campus heating. Academic programs such as Natural Resources, Engineering and Power Generation worked together to develop this Biomass Project.

Itasca SignCampus Building

The Itasca campus covers nearly 12 acres and has almost 240,000 square feet of buildings. In many ways, ICC functions like a small community. The Biomass Project will serve as a showcase for the use of renewable, sustainable, locally produced energy for a town or small city.

The automated Biomass Boiler System provides heat for the campus by using the latest computer control technology to maintain clean and efficient combustion throughout the heating season. The control system automatically provides fuel and combustion air to maintain the temperature in the hot water boiler.

Biomass Boiler

A Traveling Auger automatically moves fuel from the storage bin onto a conveyor belt. A computer controlled Metering Auger supplies the right amount of fuel to the combustion chamber.

Traveling AugerBiomass Boiler

A special thank you to Stanley Consultants and the staff of Itasca Community College for their roles in making this a successful project.
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