A Messersmith Biomass Boiler System will save your dollars in four ways:

1. Low Fuel Cost - This CHART shows a 54% average fuel cost savings in the 2010 - 2011 heating season for 23 schools in Vermont using Messersmith systems. We use a rule of thumb 50% fuel cost savings as a way to conservatively estimate how much you can save by installing a Messersmith system. One ton of green hardwood chips replaces 61 gallons of #2 fuel oil, 80 gallons of propane, and 76 therms of natural gas.  Contact Messersmith today to discuss specific solutions for your facility.      

                                                                          Biomass Fuel Storage
2. Low Operational Cost – Messersmith systems require minimal operator time. The average operator time is about 40 minutes per day. The Messersmith Control Panel will notify maintenance staff if a problem occurs.   
Biomass Boiler Control Panel

3. Low Initial Cost – Messersmith systems are usually priced below those offered by competing manufacturers. This is because our systems are designed with simplicity in mind, without sacrificing reliability, performance, or safety. A unique feature that contributes to the low initial cost of the Messersmith system is the traveling auger bin unloader. The traveling auger unloader eliminates the need for a costly hydraulic system required with wedge floor unloaders, and reduces bin construction cost.

Traveling Augers

4. Low Electrical Consumption – Messersmith systems need less then 9 hp to move fuel from the storage bin to the combustion area. Total system horse power is frequently less than 30 hp.
 Biomass Boilers
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