Most of our Biomass Boiler System installations have boiler outputs between 2 and 33 million btu per hour. Our boilers can produce hot water or steam. Hot water design pressures range from 30 to 100 psi. Steam design pressures range from 15 to 400 psi.

Installation examples:

Educational Institutions
      Norwich University
      Itasca Community College
      North Central Area Schools
      Hotchkiss School

Medical Facilities
      Androscoggin Valley Hospital    
      Littleton Regional Healthcare
      Vermont Psychiatric Care Hospital

Commercial Buildings
      National Life Insurance
      New Hampshire Department of Administrative Services

Industrial Facilities
      Krueger Lumber
      Canopy Gardens

Biomass Boiler Systems, a Customer's Perspective:
Crotched Mountain Foundation
      Krueger Lumber Company
      Littleton Regional Healthcare
      Norwich University
      University of Maine at Farmington
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