The control panel manages the entire process and monitors all equipment for proper operation. Messersmith systems are known for their simple, robust mechanical design that provides the operator with low maintenance and low downtime. This design, combined with state-of-the-art control technology, results in a user friendly system that can be viewed remotely by computer or smart phone.

control panel

Our boiler systems come standard with a Horner automation control system with the option to upgrade to Allen Bradley controls. The Messersmith control panel automatically:

  • Responds to the heat load on the boiler by varying fuel feed and combustion air supply.
  • Maintains a pilot burn when there is little or no heat load.
  • Controls and monitors the operation of fuel handling equipment.
  • Protects motors from overload and the boiler from low water conditions.
  • Communicates with building Direct Digital Control Systems.
  • Allows Messersmith technicians to remotely troubleshoot your system.
  • Allows boiler operators to remotely monitor the system.

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